Trio Special

Only $600! 

$3800 Value

Join pet care lovers and pet care professionals from around the world in our online classes working to achieve their certification on understanding and taking care of our trio of companion animals. 


The Trio is a newly packaged series of courses devoted to understanding and taking care of dogs, cats, and horses from the famous Nash online curriculum. 


  • Understanding and Taking Care of Man’s Best Friend (6 courses)

  • Understanding and Taking Care of the Horse (2 courses)

  • Understanding the Cat (1 course)


A certificate will be awarded at the completion of each Course Series. After successfully completing all three certificates, you will be awarded Our Best Friends Companion Animals Specialist Certification


Nash Online Elite Team of Instructors

Classes are taught by Nash’s award-winning, innovative, experienced instructor Roberta Smoodin, who brings years of teaching as a professor at the university level, years of practice and research experience in the study of dogs, cats and horses, and a devotion to teaching and to her students that is unequaled. She has, of course, been an owner of many dogs and cats, but also has intense equine expertise, having managed and run her own thoroughbred horse farm in the Bluegrass of Kentucky for more than 25 years, doing breeding, foaling, doctoring and all other pertinent tasks herself.


World events have created an atmosphere in which you have time to yourself—which means, time to better yourself and to pursue your dreams. We have classes for everyone.


Animal Lover - Future Career Working with Pets

If you are a big-time animal lover thinking about working with dogs, cats or horses, you owe it to the pets in your care to be well educated in understanding and taking care of them.


Pet Lover and Pet Owner

This series is designed for all ages and perfect for the pet lovers who own dogs, cats, and horses. Contact us now to find out more about our pet family education series.


This course also includes the online first aid and CPR for dogs, cats, and horses!  If you are a pet lover and own dogs, cats, and horses, your companion friends will love you for understanding more about how to care for them.


Salon Owners

Give the gift of education to your salon team. Contact us now to receive salon team specials. 


Bathers, Groomers, and Stylists

If you are an aspiring bather, groomer or stylist interested in expanding your education, then “The Companion Animal Trio” is for you! 


Nash Graduates

If you’re a Nash graduate, you can receive credit for your previous courses to complete certification programs. Call us today for more details!