Nash Express Fast Track Diploma Program for Experienced Stylists

If you have experience bathing, grooming and styling dogs in a professional setting, and want credentials to verify your expertise, this program is for you! Onsite Only - 1 Week to complete and earn your Dog Bathing, Grooming and Styling Nash Diploma


This program provides you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to gain employment as a professional dog bather, groomer and stylist. ​Many of our graduates open their own salon or purchase a mobile van immediately after graduation. You complete the nine theory-based courses before attending your practical application onsite courses. All online courses are read and test out. 

Dog Groomer

Practical Skills Training Courses

  • Bathing and Salon Policies & Procedures - 8 Clock Hour Test Out

  • Grooming and Salon Policies & Procedures - 8 Clock Hours Test Out

  • Styling and Salon Policies & Procedures - 24 Clock Hours


Test Out Online Theory Courses 

  • Salon for Man's Best Friend 

  • Grooming Man's Best Friend

  • Styling for Man's Best Friend 

  • Understanding Man's Best Friend 

  • Form & Function of Man's Best Friend 

  • Taking Care of Man's Best Friend 

  • First Aid & CPR for Man's Best Friend 

  • Who's Who for Man's Best Friend 

  • Variations & Creations for Man's Best Friend 


Program Objective

Upon completion of this Program, you will understand and be able to bathe, groom and style pets encountered in a dog bathing, grooming and styling salon in a compassionate, safe and gentle manner. 


You will learn the following:

  • history of the dog, temperament, and behavior and the basic training methods used to train dogs.

  • the external anatomy, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, digestive, reproductive, urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems of the dog.

  • body types, skull types, head types, feet types, tail types, coat types, and color types.

  • nutrition, disease and vaccinations, medical conditions and inherited disorders. The student will study internal and external parasites, first aid including CPR.

  • the different American Kennel Club (AKC) breeds, how to recognize the various breeds, their country of origin, the original task for which they were bred, and the approximate size and weight and coat color of each breed and the characteristics that are a "trademark" for particular breeds.

  • the basic salon design and layout, salon organization and sanitation, proper salon procedures, salon operations, and client relations.

Program Performance Objectives

You will learn the following technical procedures:

  • nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, expressing anal glands, dematting, bathing, drying, combing, brushing, carding, hand stripping, clippering, scissoring and thinning.

You will learn the following styling procedures:

  • creating shapes, balance and symmetry, basic pattern lines, pattern blending application and styling and finishing techniques for all coat types for mixed and purebred dogs.

You will also learn the following salon procedures:

  • safe and gentle handling of the pet during all technical procedures

  • salon organization and sanitation

  • proper salon procedures


Previous bathing, grooming and styling experience required. Students can have no handicaps, physical or otherwise, that could reasonably prevent the use of the knowledge or skills gained from the training offered for successful on the job performance after completion of the training. Student must have a High School Diploma or GED or complete and pass the "Ability to Benefit".


Program 40 Clock Hours

Present Clock Hours Required 40

Allowed Absent Clock Hours 0

Time To Complete: 1 Week

Tool Kit 

$960.00 Plus Sales Tax - Available through A Fortunate Dog (  and Industry Catalogs



$50.00 plus sales tax - Available only through A Fortunate Dog (


Model Dog & Paw Mat

$196.95 plus sales tax - Available only through Nash Academy. Order online or purchase when you arrive at your practical application location. 

Online Books

9 Online Virtual Books - Included in Program Price. No additional fee to students in the program. 

Printed Books

Student Workbook - No fee to students in the program. 

Student Safety Guide - No fee to students in the program. 


Online Reference Material

Groomers Reference - No fee to students in the program. - No fee online website reference.

Pricing Structure 

Instructor Driven Purchase by the Course 

Tuition by the Course - Instructor Driven $500

Tuition by the Course - Read and Test Out by the Course - Express and Take at Your Own Pace $100

Instructor Driven Purchase by the Course Series

Tuition by the Course Series - Instructor Driven $450

Tuition by the Course Series - Read and Test Out by the Course - Express and Take at Your Own Pace $100

Instructor Driven Purchase by the Program

Tuition by the Program - Instructor Driven $400

Tuition by the Program - Read and Test Out by the Course - Express and Take at Your Own Pace $100

You can purchase by the course or purchase by a series to receive a discount. You can also purchase by the program to receive the biggest savings. 

If you work with dogs all day, you owe it to yourself and to the pets in your care to achieve a specialist level and rank to be the best at taking care of man's best friend.