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The underdog wins, happy few win unprecedented cash prizes

Last Monday, history was made in both the British Premier League and the British sports betting world. Underdog Leicester Club took the Premier League national title, causing unprecedented amounts of money to be paid out to the happy few in UK betting shops.

Sports betting is wildly popular in the UK, especially betting on football. Sports fans and money wolves alike, everyone bets money on his/her favourite club. Especially in the Premier League, large sums are wagered on popular clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea. But in this league, the dare devil who bet his/her money on underdog Leicester City walks away with the big cash prize.

All of football-loving England and the rest of Europe watched tensely as underdog Leicester City won the British Premier League last Monday after rival Tottenham Hotspur's 2-2 draw at Chelsea, preventing it from overtaking Leicester in the league table. Leicester is the 24th club to call themselves champions of England. A year ago, the team was still battling relegation, making taking the title an absolute stunt.

Unprecedented cash prizes in the world of sports betting

The 24 Lucky Bastards who bet money on the club that dangled at the bottom of the league for years until the end of the prestigious English league can now go home with the big prize money.

According to online betting website Ladbrokes, there were only 47 people who had bet money on Leicester City at the start of the league. Of these 47, only 24 continued to believe in the club until the last moment, they now get to split the pot of a whopping 3 million between them.

Even people who had bet just 10 pence now win £500! People who bet 10 or 5 pence win £50,000 and £25,000 respectively. Unprecedented according to a Ladbrokes spokesperson, "we have been in the sports betting business for over 130 years, but we have never experienced anything like this either".

The all-time biggest online jackpot top 10

It seems like a dream, winning €7,600,000 in the online casino. But sometimes dreams come true, like for John Orchard from Lincolnshire who was able to credit this huge online jackpot to his bank account in December 2012.

Gaminator 3 has listed the biggest online jackpot top 10 of all time for you. Dream away, and think about what you would do with a big online jackpot....

Online jackpot #10 - €4,500,000

Let's start with the lowest jackpot in our top 10. Low? Yes, for the top 10 highest jackpots ever, this is low. Everyone would like to be in the shoes of 'Gamago'. That's the player name of this jackpot winner. The player is a member of the Palladium Lounge at the Partygaming VIP Club. With a bet of €41.50 on a slot machine, he won the gargantuan sum of €4,500,000.This was not even his first high jackpot. He had won €46,000 and €92,000 before. Hopefully he invested the money well and didn't gamble it away again immediately....

Online jackpot #9 - €5,100,000,-

The online slot Mega Moolah has made number 9 on our list, Mr Klaus E. from Finland a millionaire. He played with the mere sum of €0.50 on a slot machine in a well-known online casino and dragged out a whopping €5,100,000.

Online jackpot #8 - €5,850687.19

At number 8 on our list is an online slot machine called Gold Rally. The online slot machine dropped no less than 2x jackpots in one week. First, in December 2013, a sum of €5,850,687.19 fell and in the same week the considerably smaller sum of €255,545.

Online jackpot #7 - €6,300,000.

Greek Georgios' life changed completely in March 2009. He won a progressive jackpot of no less than €6,300,000 on the online slot machine Mega Moolah. He responded by saying, "Keep believing in your luck, one moment can totally change your life". A wise lesson for all those who gamble regularly.

Online jackpot #6 - €6,400,000,-

In sixth place you will find a jackpot winner with a great passion for fishing. This fishing enthusiast from Aberdeen, Scotland, bagged a whopping €6,400,000 on an online casino's Hall of Gods slot machine in October 2013. The lucky winner has indicated that he will mainly keep on fishing and he has donated some of his winnings to charities. Just goes to show that money alone certainly does not make you happy.

Online jackpot #5 - €7,600,000

John Orchard from Lincolnshire won the jackpot on 'The Dark Knight' online video slot machine in December 2012. He stopped working immediately as he is now a whopping €7,600,000 richer than before.

Online jackpot #4 - €7,600,000

In November 2012, a woman in Sweden became incredibly happy. She had already made a list for herself what she would like to do if she won money playing online casino games. When she played the game Hall of Gods in an online casino, the jackpot fell. She won a whopping €7,600,000, which allowed her to complete her list in one fell swoop, and fulfil many more wishes.

Online jackpot #3 - €11,736,375.

A Norwegian man proved that sleepless nights do not always have negative consequences. In fact, this man could not sleep and started playing some casino games as a distraction, including a game on an online slot machine. To his delight, he won the amazing jackpot of €11,736,375.

Online jackpot #2 - €17,861,800,-

What can you do with €0.25? Nothing at all most people will say, or at least not much. A man from Finland proved otherwise. He won a whopping €17,861,800 on the online slot Mega Fortune with a bet of just €0.25.

Online jackpot #1 - €17,879,645.12

In first place is the highest jackpot ever won. On 6 October 2015, Briton Jon Heywood won a mega jackpot at an online casino. With a bet of just €0.33, Jon Heywood won a massive jackpot of €17,879,645.12.

This confirms that you don't need to wager large amounts to win a huge jackpot. Have you also won a prize that changed your life? Share it on our Facebook page.

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