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About Nash

Training Pet Care Professionals of Tomorrow
Dog Bathers - Dog Groomers - Dog Stylists - Salon Manager
The Nash Academy, the school that is internationally known for training the best pet care professionals in the industry, has created a series of online courses to take their educational programs to the next level by preparing students with theory-based online courses before and during their practical skills courses. These innovative, instructor driven online courses and programs provide dog, cat, and horse lovers, aspiring pet and companion animal professionals, and pet and companion animal professionals seeking further training with a world of information and expertise by creating not just information for students to study and to understand on their own, but a meeting place in which the instructor and the students are able to discuss this important information.

Founded in 1978 by John Nash
The late John Nash began developing the Nash Academy's curriculum for the education of pet care professionals in 1978 when he saw the need for standardization of the training of these professionals so that our pets would receive the finest and most compassionate care possible. Now, the Nash Academy is internationally recognized for its leadership and innovation, and affiliations with other individuals and organizations in pet care education around the world, being the first in the industry to organize multiple international student exchange programs, the first exchange is with the Sepia School of Dog Grooming in Japan. As well, in 2008, the Academy added cat and horse care courses to its online and onsite offerings, so that the Nash belief in expertise and compassion might transcend the canine world and expand into the feline and equine world as well.

International Groomer of the Year
Vivian Nash, John Nash's longtime partner in life and work, has carried on the tradition of the Nash Academy and created her own innovations in the Nash Academy's desire to continue to grow and expand to provide the best education possible to those in the pet care professions. She has expanded the online curriculum further, begun seminars and competitions at the Academy so that pet care professionals can meet and exchange their knowledge, and travels the world to grooming competitions and meetings everywhere, spreading the Nash message of artistic perfection coupled with kindness, compassion, and safety for every pet and companion animal.

Setting Standards in the Pet Care Industry
As dog grooming becomes a truly international art, Nash believes that expanding into the world of cat care and grooming, and horse care and grooming, further broadens the professional horizons of all of those who love animals, and brings together the animal and human worlds without boundaries, and with no one language save the language of love and compassion. By setting high educational standards for the animal care industry, the Nashes aspire to nothing less than revolutionize the health and beauty of all animals worldwide.


Vivian Nash

Co Founder, President


Hillorie Swartz

Director of Online Education


Tanya Slater

Vice President


Manuel Graniel

Elite Training Team


Kim Baker



Manuel Martinez

Elite Training Team


Amy Thomas

Director of Practical Skills

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