Psychology and Behavior in Man’s Best Friend In the Salon

Whether you are a pet care professional or a dog owner, a profound understanding of the dog’s psychology and behavior is absolutely necessary to provide safe, kind, gentle and compassionate handling of your own dog or anybody’s dog. Dogs are complicated and sensitive creatures, and too often we humans take for granted their good qualities and make no attempt to understand what, through behavior, dogs are trying to communicate to us. Dogs try their best to understand us and to please us. We owe it to them, especially if we are working in a professional capacity with them, to attempt to understand them as fully as possible and to “listen” to what they are trying to tell us. This course will attempt to communicate the subtle and not-so-subtle nuances in dog psychology and behavior so that the time-honored partnership between man and dog can be even more profound and more compassionate for man’s best friend. Knowledge of safety and compassion in a salon goes hand in hand with an advanced understanding of the dog.

  You will study and discuss

  • The differences between psychology and behavior, and why are they significant.

  • Common behavioral issues in dogs.

  • Behavior modification, and how do we use it to change our dogs’ behavior.

  • Important to be familiar with the psychology and behavior of all the AKC groups and breeds of dogs.

  • Elements of psychology that are hard-wired into the dog.

  • How man’s selective breeding for specific types of work altered the psychology and behavior of dogs.

  • Issues of psychology and behavior that must be dealt with in the salon.

  • Why psychology and behavior of cats are different from that of dogs.

  • How to make your salon as safe, kind and compassionate for dogs as possible by understanding dog psychology and behavior.


The 6 Courses in the Understanding Man’s Best Friend Series is a prerequisite for this course. After successful completion of this course in the Man’s Best Friend Series, you can receive your Canine Behavior Specialist in the Salon Certificate. 

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You can purchase by the course or purchase by a series to receive a discount. You can also purchase by the program to receive the biggest savings. 

If you work with dogs all day, you owe it to yourself and to the pets in your care to achieve a specialist level and rank to be the best at taking care of man's best friend. 

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