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High School Summer Prep Program

 This exciting program is designed to introduce high school students to the fascinating world of dog grooming and provide them with valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in this field.

Program Overview


Our High School Summer Prep Program for Dog Grooming is a comprehensive and engaging course. It combines theoretical learning with practical training to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the art of dog grooming. 


Must be a Sophomore or Junior in high school to participate.

Phase 1

Curriculum Highlights

The program is 200 hours which can be completed in one summer session or split into two summer sessions of 100 hours each.


1. Introduction to Dog Grooming

 Students will learn about the history of dog grooming, different dog breeds, and the various tools and equipment used in grooming.


2. Canine Anatomy and Health

Students will delve into topics like skin and coat types, basic health checks, and recognizing signs of discomfort or illness. Understanding the anatomy and common health issues of dogs is crucial for a successful grooming session. 


3. Eye, Ear, and Nail Care

Students will learn the various methods used for trimming the hair around the eyes, cleaning the ears, and how to trim the nails using various methods, as well as nail trimming and grinding. 


4. Grooming Techniques

Students will delve into topics like skin and coat types, basic health checks, and recognizing signs of discomfort or illness. This module covers the fundamentals of dog grooming, including bathing, brushing, and drying different coat types encountered in a typical salon. 

5. Safe and Gentle Handling

Students will receive training on safe restraint methods, handling nervous or aggressive dogs, and maintaining a clean and sanitary grooming environment. Proper handling and safety protocols are essential to ensure the well-being of the salon team and the dog. 


Hands-On Experience

Throughout the program, students will have ample opportunities for hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced instructors. They will work with all types of temperament and behavior in dogs, allowing them to apply the techniques they learn in a real-world setting. This practical experience will help build their confidence and refine their grooming and handling skills.


During the Program

Family is invited to follow the students' achievements and progress throughout the program.

Phase 1
100 Clock Hours per Summer Session
Online Courses:

$120 Understanding Man's Best Friend 

$120 Form & Function of Man's Best Friend Online Virtual Book

$120  Taking Care of Man's Best Friend, Online Virtual Book

$120  First Aid & CPR for Man's Best Friend Online Virtual Book 

$120  Who's Who for Man's Best Friend 

$120  Variations & Creations for Man's Best Friend 

$240 Salon for Man's Best Friend, Online Virtual Book 

$240 Grooming for Man's Best Friend Online Virtual Book

$240 Styling for Man's Best Friend, Online Virtual Book 

$1440 Tuition Fee Online Courses

Phase 2

Curriculum Highlights

After completing high school, you have the opportunity to return and pursue your dog grooming diploma program. Dog grooming is a specialized field that requires knowledge, skills, and certification to excel in the profession. By completing your diploma program, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of grooming techniques, safety protocols, breed-specific styling, and customer service. This will not only enhance your expertise but also open doors to exciting career opportunities in the grooming industry. Embrace the chance to pursue your passion for dog grooming and take the necessary steps to resume and successfully complete your diploma program.


You will learn the following styling procedures:

  • How to create shapes, balance, and symmetry

  • How to set primary pattern lines and pattern blending.

  • Styling and finishing techniques for all coat types on mixed and purebred dogs.

You will also learn the following salon procedures:

  • Safe and gentle handling of the pet during all technical procedures.

  • Salon organization and sanitation.

  • Good salon policies and procedures.


Phase 2
Styling Basics - 200 Clock Hours

200 Clock Hours Practical Application

$3600 Tuition Fee Onsite Course

Tool Kit & Study Material

​Tool Kit & Text Books

$1,550.00 Plus Sales Tax


$50.00 plus sales tax

Model Dog

$115.00 plus sales tax

Prices are subject to change.


Variations and Creations Book

49.95 plus sales tax - Available only through Nash Collection.

Online Books

Online Virtual Books - Included in Program Price. No additional fee for students in the program.

​Printed Books

Student Workbook - No fee to students in the program.
Student Safety Guide - No fee to students in the program.

Online Reference Material

Groomers Reference - No fee to students in the program. - No fee online website reference.

Suggested Add-ons

Practical Skills Courses

Feline Diploma Program for additional 40 hours of hands-on training and one additional online course. 


Online Courses

Feline Diploma Program for an additional online course about cats.

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