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3 Hearts First Aid Certification

Introducing 3 Hearts First Aid and CPR Certification


Online and Onsite Certification

The 3 Hearts First Aid and CPR Certification is a comprehensive program that equips participants with essential skills to effectively provide care during emergencies for dogs, cats, and human team members in various settings such as salons, daycares, and boarding facilities.

Proficiency in first aid and CPR protocols for animals and humans is paramount. This certification ensures that salon members possess the necessary expertise to save lives, whether it involves a dog, a cat, or a fellow human.

The program covers fundamental first aid principles for canines, felines, and humans. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of CPR and mouth-to-nose resuscitation, enabling them to confidently administer these recognized techniques to sustain the lives of severely injured dogs, cats, or humans.

Furthermore, the certification course teaches how to transport injured pets and individuals safely, handle emergencies commonly encountered in pet care facilities, and efficiently carry out necessary first aid procedures.

Courses Offered in the 3 Hearts First Aid and CPR for Dogs, Cats, and Humans Certification

1. First Aid and CPR for Dogs

In this course, participants will be prepared to handle emergencies that may arise in a salon, daycare, or boarding facility catering to dogs. They will learn the necessary procedures and protocols to address life-threatening situations effectively.

The course focuses on first aid and CPR techniques specifically tailored for dogs, providing valuable insights on responding to emergencies, administering appropriate care, and implementing life-saving measures to protect the well-being of dogs under their supervision.

2. First Aid and CPR for Cats

Designed for cat owners, groomers, and pet care professionals, this course addresses the specific challenges encountered when dealing with emergencies involving cats. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge of feline first aid and CPR, covering common emergencies and strategies to confidently respond to critical situations and safeguard the well-being of cats.

3. First Aid and CPR for Humans

As part of this comprehensive course, participants will learn to manage emergencies involving dogs and cats in a salon, daycare, or boarding facility and potentially be equipped to save human lives. The course covers many emergencies and provides the procedures and protocols to handle life-threatening situations effectively.

Participants will gain essential knowledge in human first aid and CPR, acquiring the skills and techniques to confidently manage critical situations, ensuring they can respond appropriately and protect human life in emergencies within the pet care facility setting.

Enrolling in the 3 Hearts First Aid and CPR Certification will empower individuals to be proactive and capable caregivers, capable of handling emergencies with competence and compassion for the well-being of animals and humans.


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