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Understanding and Taking Care of

The Horse

Program Description

This program is designed to provide the student with knowledge about important issues in proper handling and caring for horses.


Students are required to successfully complete two theory-based courses.

Each course takes 1 month to complete.

Students can take 2 courses per month.


Students are encouraged to take the courses in the order listed below.

  • Understanding the Horse - 2 quarter credit hours

  • Taking Care of the Horse - 2 quarter credit hours

Three Horses

Program Objective

Upon completion of this program, the student will learn the following: 


  • History

  • Anatomy and Conformation

  • Behavior and Temperament

  • Safety, including stalling and trailering

  • Vaccination

  • Trimming and Shoeing of hooves

  • Nutrition

  • Horse Illnesses

  • Common Accidents

  • Reproduction and Foaling

  • Grooming emergencies, including what equipment should be on hand and what to do.

  • Professional Possibilities

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