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Canine Programs

The question to ask yourself is, which type of program is right for you to start a new career in the wonderful world of working with dogs, cats, and horses or continue with your education and receive your certificate or diploma from the Nash Academy, the school with an international reputation?

Online Programs

Consists of Online Courses Only
In its continuing desire to improve and facilitate education in the pet care profession, the Nash Academy offers online programs with all online courses which allow you to study at home, at your own pace, in your own time. 

All of our online courses include online virtual books that utilize the Canine and the Groomers and are open 24/7 to make it easy for you to study anywhere - anytime. 

For the motivated student seeking to learn a new profession while still working in his or her old job, or for those with an interest in learning more about their pets and the world those pets inhabit, these online programs offer a treasure trove of knowledge. All you need to do is turn on your computer and learn—let the Nash Academy Certified Online Instructors do the rest in terms of leading you through carefully designed online courses packed with important information about dogs, cats, and horses.

Onsite Programs - Traditional

Consists of Onsite Courses with Online Courses
The traditional programs are taught onsite, at the Nash Academy or a Nash Approved Practical Skills Location, by Certified Nash Approved Practical Skills Instructors. 

The focus is on traditional-type learning where onsite instructors lead you through the onsite courses and work with you with the online instructors to assist you with the online courses. Onsite Practical Skills Instructors teach you the hands-on skills necessary, and engage you in discussion of study material in the virtual books that make up the online courses. If you are the kind of person who learns best through hands on experience, and through onsite instructor-led discussions and demonstrations, then the onsite Traditional Programs will be right for you. 

All onsite courses reference the online virtual books, Groomers and Canine as well as printed posters and charts furnished by the Nash System to create consistency as well as an international terminology in the art of bathing, grooming, and styling dogs and cats. You can travel worldwide to salons and schools using the Nash System and feel right at home.

Combination Programs

Consists of Online and Onsite Courses
If you want to go another way down Nash Avenue to reach the same destination, our Combination Programs revolutionized learning by offering online courses and onsite courses. 

If you want to study online first and then attend your practical skills study to accommodate your busy schedule, the combination programs are perfect. Our carefully constructed interactive online courses, prepare you for your hands-on training for your new career as a pet care professional. 

Once you've completed the online portion of the program, you're ready, with a solid foundation, to begin the hands-on study. As you fulfill the onsite portion of the program, all of your previous study will be made real and practical, and you can apply it to a living, breathing pet right in front of you. 

Typically students studying the online courses before the hands on courses are able to complete the practical skills training with less practical hours simply because of the preparation before the hands on.

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