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The Nash System of Pet Care Education introduces a fresh series of certifications, both online and onsite, specifically crafted to educate, train, and evaluate professionals in the field of pet care, focusing on dogs, cats, and horses.

This comprehensive system provides certifications covering various aspects of understanding and caring for dogs, cats, and horses. The curriculum encompasses topics such as history, anatomy and physiology, basic training, diet and nutrition, diseases, parasites and disorders, as well as first aid and CPR tailored for each of these animals. Additionally, the classes delve into the specifics of purebred dogs, cats, and horses, adding an element of enjoyment and excitement to the learning experience.

Delivered through both online and onsite formats, The Nash System of Pet Care Education ensures accessibility and flexibility for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the pet care profession.

Nash System of Pet Care Education.

3 Hearts First Aid & CPR

Canine Health & Wellness

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