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Tanya Slater

Vice President

Meet Tanya Slater, a seasoned professional with a lifelong connection to the world of dog grooming. As a second-generation groomer, Tanya's journey in the industry began at a young age, growing up immersed in the art and passion for animal care.


Born to the visionary founders Vivian and John Nash, Tanya inherited the family legacy and a deep love for animals. She quickly embraced the responsibilities of the grooming business, even as a child, and showed remarkable talent and dedication. At a tender age, she was already teaching others the intricacies of dog grooming, a true testament to her natural abilities and strong work ethic.


As she matured, Tanya continued carrying the family business's mantle with grace and determination. Her commitment to providing top-notch grooming services and her genuine affection for all creatures earned her a reputation as a compassionate and skilled groomer.


Beyond her professional life, Tanya finds immense joy in her role as a wife and mother. She shares her life with her supportive husband, Stephen Slater, who cherishes her ambition and devotion to the family business. Together, they are proud parents to their 13-year-old daughter, Sydney Slater, who shares her mother's passion for animals and the family's legacy.


When Tanya is not caring for the well-being of four-legged clients, she explores another creative outlet—cooking. Her love for culinary adventures allows her to experiment with flavors and savor the joy of bringing delicious dishes to life.


As a dedicated parent, Tanya takes great delight in being a soccer mom for her daughter Sydney. Cheering from the sidelines and watching her daughter grow in soccer and life fills her heart with pride and joy.


Speaking of her heart, it is equally filled with love for her pets. Tanya shares her home with a loving beagle, two delightful birds, and a charming leopard gecko. She believes in extending the same love and care she provides at the grooming salon to her beloved animal companions, creating a haven of happiness for each one.


Tanya Slater's life is a beautiful blend of tradition, passion, and family. Her journey in the dog grooming industry has been deeply rooted in her upbringing and nurtured with genuine love and dedication. As she continues to make a difference in the lives of animals and her own family, Tanya's legacy shines bright as a guiding light for those who follow in her footsteps.

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