Feline Diploma Program

No previous experience is necessary. Students can have no handicaps, physical or otherwise, that could reasonably prevent the use of the knowledge or skills gained from the training offered for successful on the job performance after completion of the training. The student must have a High School Diploma or GED or complete and pass the "Ability to Benefit".


The Professional Feline Program is only offered to students enrolled in the Dog Diploma Program. An additional 60 clock hours are added to the Dog Diploma Program for a total of 660 clock hours. The students complete the online course before or during the programs.

Cat's Eye

Program Description

This program is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to gain employment as a professional cat groomer.


Students are required to successfully complete one theory based course.

This course takes 1 month to complete.

Understanding & Taking Care of the Cat 

Upon successful completion of the one online course, students are required to successfully complete one Practical Application course.

Cat Grooming Basics - 40 clock hours 


Program Objective

Upon completion of this Program, the student will understand and be able to bath, groom and style cats encountered in a pet grooming and styling salon in a compassionate, safe and gentle manner. 


The student will learn the following:

  • the history of the cat, temperament and behavior of the cat.

  • the external anatomy, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, digestive, reproductive, urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems of the cat.

  • different breeds and coats.

  • nutrition, disease and vaccinations, medical conditions and inherited disorders.  

  • internal and external parasites, first aid including CPR. 


Program Performance Objectives

The student will learn the following technical procedures: 

Nail trimming, ear cleaning, dematting, bathing, drying, combing, brushing, carding, clippering, scissoring and thinning. 


The student will also learn the following salon procedures:

  • Safe and gentle handling of the pet during all technical procedures

  • salon organization and sanitation

  • proper salon procedures

Pricing Structure 

Application Fee: $50.00 

Tuition: $400 Online / $500 Onsite 

Total Application and Tuition Fee: $950.00


Tool Kit 

$960.00 Plus Sales Tax - Available through A Fortunate Dog (www.afortunatedog.com) and Industry Catalogs



$50.00 plus sales tax - Available only through A Fortunate Dog (www.afortunatedog.com)