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Kim Baker




Meet Kim Baker, a dedicated educator and lifelong learner with a passion for making a positive impact in people's lives. With a career spanning over three decades, Kim's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to education and personal growth.


Kim's professional journey began in the field of adult education and literacy, where she served for an impressive 16 years. Her dedication to helping others achieve their educational goals and improve their lives earned her a reputation as a caring and effective teacher.


When her tenure in adult education came to a close, Kim saw an opportunity to further her own education and career prospects. At the age of 39, she fearlessly returned to school under the Workforce Investment Act, which has since been rebranded as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). This decision demonstrated her determination to continuously develop her skills and knowledge.


In 2006, Kim's path led her to Nash Academy, where she started as an admissions representative. Her enthusiasm, leadership, and ability to connect with others quickly propelled her through the ranks. In 2008, Kim achieved a significant milestone in her career as she assumed the role of Director, demonstrating her exceptional capabilities and commitment to excellence.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kim finds fulfillment in her personal life. She shares her journey with her beloved husband, Ricky Baker, creating a loving and supportive partnership. Together, they are proud parents to two accomplished daughters and doting grandparents to seven wonderful grandchildren, cherishing every moment they spend together as a close-knit family.


In addition to her love for family, Kim has a soft spot for animals. In March 2023, she welcomed Angel, an eight-year-old Maincoon mix cat, into her life. The joy and companionship Angel brings to Kim's life is something she cherishes and is a testament to her caring nature.


When Kim isn't making a difference in the lives of her students or enjoying precious moments with her family, she indulges in her hobbies. Her love for music and attending concerts lets her unwind and immerse herself in the artistry of her favorite artists. Moreover, she embraces adventure and the open road as she embarks on exhilarating motorcycle rides, allowing her to embrace the thrill of exploration and freedom.


Kim Baker's story is one of perseverance, compassion, and a lifelong commitment to learning and teaching. Her impact as an educator, a leader, and a loving family member leaves an enduring legacy that continues to inspire those around her.

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