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Earn Your Diploma in the
IJA Competition Ring

Nash Academy offers competitors the opportunity to earn their diploma in the IJA competition ring with our onsite trim style by coat types certifications and taking the online classes offered as prizes. So how does it work?


Scoring System for Trim Styles

All competitors are evaluated, scored, and placed using the international scoring system developed by Vivian and John Nash in 1989 for IJA, the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions.


Judges evaluate competitors on their technical skills, breed profile, standard knowledge, overall handling skills, and professional presentation. In addition, you receive one of the following. 


There are a series of trim styles required in the diploma program. You will receive a score, rank, and title on each entry. 


Level 4 - Canine Styling Specialist

Level 3 - Canine Styling Expert

Level 2 - Canine Styling Master

Level 1 - Canine Styling Novice


Schools in the Nash System of Pet Care Education use the same scoring system to evaluate students' trim style by coat types to maintain the scoring system for bathers, groomers, and stylists worldwide.


Online Courses

There are nine online courses in the Nash diploma program with three options to take the courses. You can receive study material and take tests or participate with course leaders and take a month to complete. Check out your options!


WIN Online Courses for Prizes

Competitors also have the opportunity to win Online Courses as prizes with IJA, the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions. Competitors use their wins to complete the Diploma Program's online course and share them with their salon team and coworkers to achieve the ultimate environment in a working salon. 


Why a Diploma?

A diploma indicates to pet families and the industry that you have completed the requirements to practice in the trade from a state-approved dog grooming school. The Nash System diploma gives you the knowledge you need to work with dogs and cats with foundation courses to build your future in the industry like so many of our famous Nash graduates. Then, you can move forward to achieve your expert and specialists rank in the IJA Ring.


How to Register for Your Online Courses Using your Wins

IJA transfers winners to the Nash System. Send your request to to determine how much online course credit you have. 


How to Submit IJA Trim Styles for My Diploma

Your trim styles by coat types are recorded by IJA and placed in the Nash System of Pet Care Education. After completing your online, you can use the onsite scores to achieve your diploma. 


Nash Scoring and Ranking Certification Team

Your evaluator and ranking team consist of the best in the industry with Nash Academy Instructors, IJA Judges with the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions, and other industry experts in the course material.

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